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Seasonal & Short-Term Leasing

Perhaps your leasing needs are short term. Or your space requirements are smaller in scale. Liberty Center offers premier custom kiosks and in-line locations to help you optimally market your product or service. Come to Liberty Center to capitalize on a hot trend. Test a new offering. Or market during your peak selling season. We have the right leasing solution for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are RMUs, kiosks, and inlines?
A: An RMU (Retail Merchandising Unit) is a freestanding unit provided by the shopping center, placed in high traffic locations in the common area. Products sold on RMUs have excellent visibility and are readily available to shoppers. Leased seasonally or year-round, this turnkey option allows retailers to open their businesses quickly, easily and with relatively low overhead expense.

A kiosk is a pre-approved freestanding unit placed in the common area. The unit is typically provided by the retailer. The cost of the unit is the retailer’s expense. Electricity is provided; voice and data lines are available. Retailers pay utility providers directly for these services. Steiner + Associates must approve kiosk design and schematics prior to fabrication and installation in the shopping mall.

An Inline temporary store is a short-term commitment in a pre-existing retail store space in the shopping center. RMU's/ Kiosks: Electricity is provided; voice and data lines are available.

Inline Retailers: Would pay utility providers directly for these services.

Q: What is pop-up retail?
A: Pop-up retail is is an exciting, high-impact retail opportunity where a space in the mall is transformed into a unique venue for product sales or a one-of-a-kind brand experience. It is a great way to make a big impression with customers in our centers. Pop-up retail stores are ideal for product introductions, brand awareness campaigns and experiential marketing programs within particular events, seasons, markets, or specific shopping center locations.

Q: Are there visual requirements?
A: Businesses are required to meet our center's visual standards. In some cases, entrepreneurs or retailers are required to meet with our shopping center's visual merchandisers to create an approved visual plan. If a visual merchandiser is not available, we will work with you on your presentation, fixtures, props, etc. for an additional fee

Q: Are fixtures provided?
A: Inline Spaces: Any fixtures and props are not provided because each retailer has unique needs. Fixtures and props are retailers’ expenses.
RMU's: There are specific fixtures that available for you. We can also provide suggestions and ideas on what and where to buy additional items you might need.

Q: Can I take up more than my designated common-area space?

A: Your business can only occupy the designed space on an RMU, kiosk or inline space. All products and merchandise must remain on an RMU, within the kiosk or inside the inline space.

Q: Can I attach anything to the RMU?
A: We will work with you to ensure your signs, products, merchandise, fixtures and props are secured to the RMU without drilling, taping, hammering, or affixing screws to the RMUs.

Q: Are cash registers or computers provided?
A: We do not provide cash registers or computers as each business has it’s own unique needs.

Q: What do I need to have to become a retailer?
A: To become a retailer, you must provide:

  1. A unique product or merchandise concept
  2. Valid social security number or business license/tax I.D. number
  3. Certificate of Insurance naming the shopping mall as additional insured with the required insurance limits
  4. Apply to explain your idea or concept!

Q: How long of a term must I agree to?
A: The term of the license agreement is dependent on space availability and is negotiable. Generally, a minimum of 3 months is required, but no longer than a 12-month period. However, should you wish to renew after the agreement expires, renewal is also base on space availability and is negotiable.

Q: Do I have to be open during all shopping center hours?
A:If your business is a retail concept, you will need to be open during all property hours.

Q: Why is it not possible to get rent rates over the telephone?
A: In order for us to provide an accurate proposal, a specialty leasing application must be submitted to be reviewed and evaluated in its entirety to determine the type of space needed and what product or service is being proposed.

Q: Can I pick which location I want to be in the shopping center?
A: We will work within our leasing guidelines and make every effort to accommodate location requests where possible.

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